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"With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, I will Rise!"

Nicole Lyons

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My name is Billie Malowany. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified HypnoFit® Therapist.


I chose this avenue because I myself have struggled with issues. You name it...grief, anxiety, depression, insomnia and trauma. Some of it I figured was normal..."everybody deals with crap everyday, I'm not special, so suck it up". Other things that were truly a problem started causing a snowball effect in other areas of my life. My health, my relationships, my business and my spirit.

 It was suggested that I go see a psychiatrist or psychologist...that scared me. I didn't want the stigma of seeing a "shrink" and I didn't want others to know I was having mental health issues. One of the biggest issues I see these days is that people don't want others to know and I was right there with them. Now don't get me wrong or misunderstand me...there are many many beneficial aspects of talking to and working with a psychiatrist or psychologist, it's just not the route I wanted to take. I felt stuck, lost and kind of panicky...a friend introduced the concept of Hypnotherapy and invited me to be open and give it a try. I truly wanted to find a solution to my issues, to find a way to manage and control my emotions, my reactions and calm my racing mind and pounding heart. So I made my appointment, went to see my therapist, and walked out feeling relaxed, re-energized and looking positively to the future. It felt absolutely amazing, like a huge weight or heavy dark cloud was lifted right off me. Like I had caught up on all the sleep I'd been missing and I couldn't wait to get back into life and start loving life again.


It's like I hit the reset button!

After seeing and feeling the positive effects of hypnotherapy, it literally turned my mindset around, I wanted to be able to help others get out from under whatever was holding them down or holding them back. To feel rejuvenated, liberated and in control of your life, your emotions and reactions. I wanted my Power back and I wanted everyone to know that this is an amazing form of therapy in which to do so! That there are alternatives out there and they are wonderful ways to help your mental health and to empower you, to reset, to Rise Up! Now what better way to do that than to learn the trade, the techniques, the tools and offer to help those who want to start living again! So that is what I did!  I trained through the College of Professional Hypnotherapists, Meristem Therapy Academy, and HypnoFit® (Helen Mitas) and I am a member of IACH (International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists).


Rise Up!

To help people find within themselves, to recognize and use their own internal resources to heal, to be more positive and Rise Up and achieve their goals.

Always moving forward!


To help people through their tough times...all the while teaching them to help themselves by giving them tools and resources through the use of hypnotherapy. Showing the world that hypnotherapy is a valid source of therapy with positive and life changing results.

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The symbolic meaning of the phoenix is about renewal.

Resurrection and coming to life again. It's about overcoming darkness within and rising to the challenge to become powerful and to succeed.

It's time to Rise Up!

  phoe·nix / ˈfēniks/

  • n. (in classical mythology) a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this  time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through  another cycle.

  ∎  a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.


      rise like a phoenix from the ashes emerge renewed after apparent disaster or destruction.


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