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I Thank You all for trusting me to be part of your journey!


Square Stage


I seeked Billie's help for working on my business vision, and to improve my self esteem (which was pretty low at that time). She made it a fun healing journey for me as she took me through all emotions I needed to deal with while being a great listener and observer. She made sure I was able to let go of all of my own limitations.


By time, I noticed positive changes in my habits and thought patterns. I became much more productive, and more importantly, I learnt to trust myself and my skills.


Now, I have a clear vision for my future, and I am confident with all the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals. I totally recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Billie! 

BF-British Colombia

I was facing constant conflict. I have learnt to stay more calm and less agitated. I believe it’s not about having what I want but wanting what I have.


Hypnotherapy has opened my eyes to a more peaceful and positive attitude. Give it a try…it will help your peace of mind!

GR-British Colombia

I was facing Anxiety and Negativity - looking to transform into a more positive outlook on life. I now understand that I have control over my emotions and not others. I am more positive, more open and not allowing certain people to control my emotions through guilt as I know I have full control. Hypnotherapy was the best decision - it changed my outlook and changed the way I was going through my day to day.

Take the jump - if you are ready to change your life and ready to live a more positive life then just do it! Billie became my favourite person very quickly, her support, her listening was life changing. I am forever thankful for the support from Billie.



Hi! How's things? Wanted to share some gratitude with you.


I'm having a bit of an emotional day with lots of negative mind chatter etc. I was in an appointment and found a hypno recording you made for me. It incorporated the script about confidence etc.


Anyway I noticed when I left my appointment I felt a bit lighter and less sad.


So thank you very much.  

DB - Alberta

Hi Billie,

Well, tomorrow is potentially my last session with you and I’d like to take a second to thank you. You possibly don’t know how rock bottom I was when you first contacted me in early March, but I was a mess!

My life and marriage is still a long way from perfect. But you helped me put a smile back on my face!

                                                                  GR-British Columbia

I am about 5 sessions into my hypnotherapy. It has been such an exciting journey for me and from the second session I was already noticing a difference in my day to day life. 


I always considered myself to be an anxious person, and I never thought I could be as positive as I am as well as consider myself to be my own ROCK! From day to day interactions, to my own personal thoughts. I am so much more conscious of my emotions in such a positive way. 


I have had a couple days of irritability, or just a sad day but I am allowing that emotion to exist, examine it and let it be a life lesson.  


Billie is so supportive, caring and up beat. I love our check ins at the beginning of our sessions and I am enjoying the weekly item she has given me to focus on. It has been nice to practice what we have been doing so actively in my day to day. 

YS - Ontario

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